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Topic: Study Guide  For Premises Cabling and The FOA CPCT Exam

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Study Guide  For The FOA Certified Premises Cabling Technician (CPCT) Exam

Quick Link to Self-Study Program:
The FOA Fiber U Self-Study Program On Premises Cabling

Objective: To provide
a study guide to anyone interested in premises cabling or preparing for the FOA CPCT certification exam using  The FOA Fiber U Self-Study Program On Premises Cabling. It is also useful for CFOTs wanting a course on all aspects of premises cabling.

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If you do not already have a background in cabling and fiber optics we recommend you read Uncle Ted’s Guide To VDV Cabling and Lennie Lightwave’s Guide To Fiber Optics.

Fiber U
Fiber U Free Self-Study Programs
FOA has a special website for its free online self-study programs on fiber optics and premises cabling, Fiber U. Here you will find courses that guide you to learn online about fiber optics and cabling topics using reading materials from the FOA Guide, Lectures and Hands-on videos on the FOA YouTube Channel and quizzes to test your comprehension.

Studying For the CPCT Exam

The FOA  CPCT exam is a closed book, “proctored”* exam covering advanced fiber optic knowledge based on The FOA Online Reference Guide, The FOA Guide To Premises Cabling textbook and the FOA Installation Tech Bulletins. You will need to apply to take the exam and designate a proctor for the testing. FOA has a Premises Cabling self-study course on Fiber U that covers what the FOA expects as knowledge for the CPCT certification. Use this self study program to ensure you learn the important information. Each section of the Premises Cabling self-study course on Fiber U has review questions. Questions similar to these are used in the FOA CPCT certification exam. You should answer all the questions in preparation for the certification exam. Studying by answering them and finding the answers in the book is good preparation for the certification test.

Applying For The CPCT Certification Exam
If you have a CFOT and at least one year of field experience or have taken an advanced course from an FOA-Approved school, you can take the FOA CPCT exam. See the CPCT information page for more directions.

Go to the
Premises Cabling self-study course on Fiber U


FOA Guide to Premises Cabling
The printed version of The FOA Reference Guide To Premises Cabling 
FOA books are now available in printed form, eBooks from Amazon on the Kindle and iBooks from Apple iTunes for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.

FOA now has a lecture series on premises cabling and hands-on videos along with many other videos on the FOA YouTube Channel. These are linked from the
Premises Cabling self-study course on Fiber U referenced below.

References For National Electrical Code (NEC)
Many sections and chapters of the book reference the NEC. NFPA has also published an excellent reference book that covers all aspects of the NEC as related to low voltage or fiber optic cabling. Limited Energy Systems, Noel Williams, published by NFPA,  2002. The writers of the NEC (National Electrical Code) provide  this book as a guide to limited energy systems, including structured  cabling. All classes should have a copy available for reference and students contracting structured cabling installations are advised to have a copy available at all times. The Mike Holt website,, is an excellent reference also.

Table of Contents: The FOA Reference Guide To Fiber Optics


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